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Live Betting - Halves Betting

NFL sportsbook

It takes many more mathematical calculations than you think, to assess the true odds of a sports team to win an event if, for example, they are ahead by a touchdown, on the road, to a home team favourite, who have just lost their first choice quarter-back, with 19 minutes of the game remaining.

So why do sportsbooks bother with the live bet or in-running / in-play betting as it is sometimes known ? Well, it gives them a chance to offer up another sports betting market to their customers (the betting public) and with it the chance of making some money in a very exciting live betting environment. It also offers the sportsbook or bookmaker the opportunity to even up any distortion or disparity in his original book.

In determing what the price should be at a particular stage of the game, you could do worse than to use the original game line as marker as well as assessing the participating teams' performance during the relevent period of play. The sportsbook line in these circumstances may not truly reflect a team's chances of victory - they may have other motivations like book balancing or may even be betting into their lines. Yet as a rule, it is the action from the betting public that will set the line.

'Half betting' is quite a big market for bookmakers and, as with many markets, a large proportion of the action will come down on the favorite. Most casual bettors don't concern themselves with the odds - they simply see a favorite winning with perhaps twenty minutes left to go on the clock. These bettors are probably in their 'comfort zone' - they may have seen their team perform well in the first half and now see the game clock counting down fast - but things can change quickly.

The professional may be using live betting to trade out of liability or hedge his position so that he makes a profit regardless of the result.

Pros are often against the favorites. The odds on favorites can be too short due to the weight of public money driving the price down. The line on the outsider drifts as a result to balance the book in percentage terms and this can lead to a value price - especially against an over-hyped team.

You can bet in play or on the half-time results at Intertops, so why not give it a try.