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Sports betting is the general activity of predicting sports results via means of making a bet on the outcome of a game or event. Sports betting is widely accepted and is prevalent among football fans and race (horse) goers. Sports betting is 'nothing new'. There are records dating back to Roman times where betting took place on chariot races and gladiatoral contests. The only difference today is that the contest takes place on the sports field, the ice hockey rink, the basketball court or anywhere else that a 'contest' takes place - including reality TV entertainment and the political arena.

Sports betting is a pastime involving a fair degree of skill to be successful, however, most sports bettors are recreational bettors. These players will bet relatively small amounts of money on a game and will not care too much if they win or lose. They like to back their hunches and it makes 'watching the game' just that little bit more exciting. As a result, most bettors will lose because the advantage is firmly with the bookmakers. If you want to be successful, then you will have to put in a bit of time, effort and adopt a professional approach. This may involve gathering and analyzing as much information as possible about a game, deciding on the probability of each team's chances of success and comparing your own idea of what the odds or line should be to the bookmakers' line.

Sports betting is considered to be illegal in a number of countries but in most places it simply makes up the fabric of normal life as a bit of harmless entertainment. Sports betting is currently illegal in New Jersey, for example, even if many voters are for legalization. The Fairleigh Dickinson University's 'PublicMind', stated that in the region of 63 % of voters would vote for the legalization of sports betting at Atlantic City casinos, while 32% would oppose it. 5% were undecided.

The sports betting industry is worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide and gets larger by the day. New games come online, new bookmakers open regularly hoping for a slice of the action and so huge choice has become available to customers. This is good news, because competition is fierce which means better bonus offers and more competitive lines for customers.

The most popular sport for betting in the US is the NFL. Football betting is big business for the bookmakers. In Europe and the rest of world, soccer is the dominant betting sport. One area of betting growth in the US has been in auto racing, specifically NASCAR. Far more bookmakers are paying attention to this fact and there have been big increases in betting revenues due better coverage of the sport by bookmakers. The Indianapolis 500 is currently one of the biggest betting events in the auto racing calendar.

Sports betting is growing and here to stay. So why not get involved at our bookmaker.

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