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Pittsburgh Steelers Holmes

Those of you wanting to get involved in some early Pittsburgh Steelers betting for the coming season may be interested to know that, according to Pro Football Talk, the Steelers have alledgedly traded Santonio Holmes (WR) to the New York Jets.

The deal is said to be in lieu of a fifth round pick in the 2010 draft. Many Steelers fans are walking around open-mouthed in stunned disbelief - Holmes who is on 235 catches for 3,834 yards, snapped up the match winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl XVIII (2008) to make it twenty in his career , collecting the Super Bowl MVP in the process.

Holmes has had a somewhat chequered past involving drugs, domestic violence and assault. Although this can never be condoned, even in today's high pressure cauldron of professional sports, in some cases, that is the price of talent. Either way it won't comfort fans of the star wide receiver.

Jets fans are celebrating the trade as it opens up further options for QB Sanchez, as the Jets build for the coming season after a great showing in 2009/10.

This probably leaves the Steelers in the market for another wide receiver - who, is anyone's guess.

If the Rooney family are dumping Holmes because of his disciplinary record, then maybe 'Big Ben' (Roethlisberger) and a few others need to sit up and take notice. The quarter back is in the midst of a sexual misconduct suit and if he wasn't a lynch pin in the team, he might have good cause to worry after the departure of Holmes.

The message is clear regarding Steeler football from a betting perspective - 'wait up' - the clear-out may not yet be over.

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