The Right Way to Bet

NBA Basketball

Ok, so maybe there isn't really a 'right way' and a 'wrong way' to bet but if you want to make profits more consistently and iron out some of the volatility that is inherent in betting then high turnover is better than low turnover - assuming you are in it for the long term.

The great thing about American sports is that they give you the opportunity to bet a lot. Bettors love to bet on the NFL and although this will also be the favorite sport of many a pro, from purely a betting perspective, basketball, baseball and hockey will offer more opportunity with total games numbering thousands and that is just the pro league. Add in college basketball, football and some of the minor leagues and the total leaps again.

Strike rate is almost incidental - some bettors may choose only to bet when they are more certain of the outcome - others will choose to bet when they feel they have any kind of edge. At the end of the day it is about making money not your win/loss ratio.

I would rather bet 1000 games with 56% strike rate, than bet 100 games with a 60% strike rate.

You have to remember though that you will need to do research on the games too. You will stay a lot fresher if you are focusing on 80% or 90% fewer games than the next guy. Researching a few thousand games a season is mentally taxing and can wear you down psychologically whereas focusing on fewer games means that you can do more research on those games and not be under as much pressure - but it is likely that you will make less money.

A high volume betting strategy should mean that you come through your more volatile periods more quickly. You will still hit losing streaks and winning streaks as with any volume betting but it will feel less volatile and bad runs should be easier to manage mentally.

For example if you are a high volume bettor and you hit a bad run of 8 losses in a row - you could be through it and out the other side in a couple of days. Hit a losing run of 5 as a more selective bettor and it could be a week or two before you are heading back in to profit.

You should aim to keep a 100 point bank and bet to level stakes of 1 point a bet. Some prefer to go 200 points for their banks - those willing to take on more risk may choose to go from to 75 points.

Be prepared for losses and be prepared to accept losses. They are two different things. Many start out knowing they will suffer losses, after all not everyone wins all of the time, but some just cannot accept it and lose discipline.

Lastly make sure you have a strategy and once it is proven, which may take many bets, stick to it without wavering. If you feel the need to waver then perhaps it isn't proven.

Good luck.

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