Soccer Betting

With so much money circulating in soccer betting, it is always a good idea to have a proper understanding of the betting markets in which you can play.

Rather than just focusing on the match odds market, you also have the option of placing bets in markets like correct score, half time/full time, over/under 1.5 goals, over/under 2.5 goals, to score and of course Asian handicap.

Match odds market is the way to go if you know the recent form and the level of the teams involved. One of the best things about the in-play match odds market is that you get a chance to book profit or cover loss on the basis of your team performance in the initial stagesof the match.

For example, if the team you have placed bets on scores first, you can easily cover your liability or book profit. Conversely, if you are not happy with your team's performance or a red card is shown to your player, you can save some of your money by backing the other team. There is no point in sticking to your original bet if you are not confident about it.

These sorts of things are not possible in markets like to score and half time/full time, so be careful before placing bets on these markets. Goal markets are quite popular among soccer punters but before getting involved in such markets, make sure that you do plenty of research.

Prepare a list of teams whose games are full of goals. For example, with so much attacking talent in the fray, teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid scores goals for fun. The matches of these teams often cross the barrier of over 2.5 goals.

Derby matches are quite difficult to predict in terms of goals. So backing under 2.5 goals in these markets is often a profitable strategy. Asian handicap markets are quite a good option for those punters that want more lucrative odds. If you are interested in backing top teams like Barcelona and Manchester United, you are not going to get lucrative odds. In this scenario, by giving a start of one or two goals, you can increase your winnings.

There are lots of bookmakers that also offer odds on booking throughout the match. These markets are basically about using your instinct, with not too much research involved. You can check the record of the referee that is officiating in the match and on the basis of his past record, you can bet on whether there is going to be red card or not.

In-play betting offers you lot more options, so it is advisable that you place bets with a bookmaker that provides you with this option. To book profits on a regular basis in soccer betting, it is quite important that your staking plan is up to the mark. Do not put more than five percent (odds dependent) of your bank in a single match. More importantly, chasing losses is not going to work in the long run, so stay away from this strategy. Try to focus on big leagues like English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A and Bundesliga. This will increase your chances of winning in many cases as often better quality leagues are easier to predict.